Monday, 7 October 2013

How to Easily Increase Your Writing Skills
How to Easily Increase Your Writing Skills
Your writing abilities can improve regardless of your age. Never trust anyone who says you can't learn how to write. Even outsourcing is only a partial solution to the "problem" of having to write, as writing is so fundamental to the internet that everybody has to it sometimes. So, whether you plan to do a lot of writing or even just a little, it still makes sense to get as good at it as possible. You may not become a professional writer overnight, but if you apply the following tips you'll soon feel a lot more confident in your writing abilities.

Lying, fibbing and exaggerating are not good for your reputation as a writer. If you're selling anything, online or offline, you have to be careful not to fall into this trap. The temptation when writing sales copy is to convince people that they can't possibly live without your product but, whatever you say, stick to the truth. Some marketers have already gotten into legal trouble by promising customers that they could make a certain amount of money by ordering their products. Word also spreads quickly online, so if your product doesn't live up to the hype your sales will soon suffer. It's great to be proud of what you're selling, and to boast about it's features and unique selling point. Just don't get too carried away as you write your sales copy. Focus on what your product can do for people without stretching the truth and you'll be fine. It looks much more professional if, when writing numbers, you use the same rules each time. It's best to stick with one system and not go back and forth, say, between writing 20 and twenty. Your writing flows much more smoothly if you stay consistent about this. It really depends on what you prefer, though spelling out numbers is a bit more formal while numerals are more casual. Some writers get into the habit of writing M instead of million, but unless your readers are accustomed to this (as with certain financial publications) it's best not to do this. Write out "million" or "billion" and you can be sure everyone will know what you mean.

After you've written something, don't publish it until you've had someone you trust read it through at least once. You may be able to catch many of your own mistakes, but some will usually slip by you. Your own mind has the tendency to overlook its own mistakes -or it never would have made them in the first place. Your mind gets in a certain groove where it's blind to its own mistakes. An objective reader, though, is not close to your writing and a mistake is more likely to jump out at him or her. You also want to know how successful your writing is at delivering your message, and a reader can tell you this. Having a good proofreader is one factor that can immediately improve the quality of your published writing. It would be hard to think of a more important ability to have than writing when it comes to helping you succeed with your business. You can hardly get through an hour of a work day without writing, unless you do most of your selling on the phone. Online marketers must write in so many different contexts -social media, articles, emails, blogs, etc. Becoming a better writer will help your business in innumerable ways. There are many ways to enhance your writing, and we've talked about some good ones in this article. Becoming a great writer takes work, but if you're dedicated enough you can make fast progress!

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